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How It Works




Directions For Use



Each lead is color-coded either black or gray.  The Brake and Locking Buttons correspond with the designated color Lead.  For example, the black Brake Button with control the dog that is connected to the black Lead.

In order the for the leash to work properly, it is important to follow the below instructions:

  1. Hold your Revolve-A-Leash by the handle only; never by the cord.

  2. Do not tie your Revolve-A-Leash around any object at any time.

  3. Hook the Operating Tip of each Lead to different dogs so that each dog is connected to their own separate Lead. Helpful Tip: It is best to hook each dog up to the same color Lead every time so that you begin to associate each dog with their designated Brake Button and Lock.

  4. To brake momentarily, press the corresponding colored Brake Button.  To brake both dogs simultaneously, press both Brake Buttons at once.

  5. To stop both of your dogs immediately, push both Brake Locks on the top of the leash casing forward completely.

  6. To keep the dogs locked at a certain length away from you, let your dogs pull the lead to the desired length, press the Brake Buttons in and then shift your thumb up, clicking both Brake Locks into place (think of using a thumbs up motion on the buttons).

  7. To release the Brake Locks, push them in towards the Revolve-A-Leash handle, like how you would press a button.

  8. The Revolving Chamber will spin to prevent tangling.  For safety precautions and to ensure the leash works appropriately, it is important to eliminate as much slack as possible.  For example, if your dog is locked at a 10 foot distance then shortens that distance significantly to a 2 foot distance, release the Brake Lock to eliminate slack.  

  9. If the lines on the Revolve-A-Leash appear to be crossing, turn your wrist 90 degrees two or three times and the lines will uncross. (The motion you use to open a door knob).