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Frequently Asked Questions





Is there a weight limit for the Revolve-A-Leash?

The Revolve-A-Leash is designed to handle both small and large dogs.  However, for large dog breeds that exceed 65lbs, we do recommend you contact us before purchasing so that we can accommodate accordingly.


How long are the leash leads? 

Each leash is approximately 10 feet long.


How do I know Revolve-A-Leash is right for my dogs?

Revolve-A-Leash is a perfect tool for all dog-lovers seeking to ease the challenges of walking multiple dogs at once. With the combination of 2 separate individual leads, each containing their own independent brake, it is a great product for all families with 2 pets or more.


How long will it take for my Revolve-A-Leash to arrive?

Please allow 1-2 business days for processing and handling and approximately 5 days for shipping.


How long will a Revolve-A-Leash last?

Your Revolve-A-Leash will last as long as you take great care of it and follow the instructions provided.  


I am interested in purchasing Revolve-A-Leash for my store, do you provide wholesale pricing?

Here at Revolve-A-Leash we are always seeking great partnerships that include wholesale opportunities.  For more information, please contact us at or (910) 777-7154.


My Revolve-A-Leash doesn’t seem to be working, what can I do?

Our goal is to provide a consistently reliable product and an exemplary level of customer service.  We recommend that at first you visit our How It Works Page located in the upper-lefthand corner of our website’s main page. This page is a great reference tool for how to help you gain all the benefits that go along with owning a Revolve-A-Leash.  If you are unable to resolve your issues from there, please email  Provide us with your contact information, order number, and a brief explanation describing the issue you are experiencing.


My Revolve-A-Leash doesn’t fit my dog’s needs - how do I return it?

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase, a representative will guide you through the return process.  Please email and provide us with your contact information, order number, and a brief description as to why you are unsatisfied with the product.


Where is Revolve-A-Leash manufactured?

From conception, design, to operations and processing, Revolve-A-Leash is a family-owned local business based out of the city of Wilmington, North Carolina. Manufacturing for your furry friends is handled in Ningbo, China.