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About Us

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It all began with a phone call.  Revolve-A-Leash founder, Chris, was walking his two dogs while on the phone trying to catch up with his brother. Holding one retractable leash in each hand, Chris kept dropping the phone.  Frustrated, he knew there had to be a better solution.  Thus, the Revolve-A-Leash was born!

Revolve-A-Leash is the world’s first multi-purpose pet leash.  To ease the process of walking 2 dogs, it contains a tangle-free technology and an independent braking system.  The groundbreaking technology was conceived in a small town in North Carolina with an effort to make dog lovers lives easier and more enjoyable!

So, what makes Revolve-A-Leash stand out from the competition?  Backed by a 6-month warranty, it is an all-in-one high quality design consisting of a 10-foot lead, 14-inch nylon strap, and an independent lead and braking system.  


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